We bring our first class tailoring service to you, and wherever we travel we always return to give fittings; we can measure you, and give you fittings at mutually convenient times on our travels around the UK, at your home or office. Where we don't travel you can use our famous copying service.

Five Generations of Family Tailoring

My great great grandfather Samuel Redmayne learnt his craft in the 1850s with relatives in Manchester. I have found Samuel in court (!) in Manchester in 1860 on tailoring related matters, moving to Wigton in 1868 to establish his tailoring workroom there. Generations of skilled and experienced colleagues have worked and developed their trade skills for Redmayne, sometimes for generations of the same families: all in all it is a precious herritage to care for.

With a world-wide clientele, we still blend our friendly approach firmly to traditional
tailoring values.

The comfort gained from wearing hand canvassed garments has to be experienced to be believed, so when comparing tailoring services be sure that you are comparing on a like for like basis. Here at Redmayne we have different pricing points, apart from our special offer and promotion deals. These pricing points are split into three distinctly different
methods of make.

We offer free advice to help you create the image you want to influence others in your business and social life. Redmayne's practical approach to tailoring gives you the finest work available at direct from our workroom price - traditional tailoring lasts longer and offers great value, whatever your needs.

I look forward to hearing from you, with kind regards, Michael W

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