Redmayne's Unique Copying Service

Too busy to travel to be measured and fitted ?

Can't find a tailor who can make the sort of quality garments you are used to ?

Redmayne's unique copying service began in 1933 when a well worn tweed shooting suit was sent to our workrooms with a request to copy it in every detail. Now, well over half a century later, we incorporate our copying methods with computer aided drafting of patterns, and bespoke cutting skills, to produce greater discipline in the cutting and reproduction of your favourite garment.

In addition we have two levels of tailoring, and therefore two levels of pricing for you to choose from.
We have a price to suit every pocket.

For further details on the copying service and for descriptions on our makes - "click here" .

How it Works -
Send us an Email to request samples of the type of cloth you are looking for. When you have chosen a cloth ( or cloths!), we'll price it for you. If this is ok, you then send us your sample garment, with notes for amendments on style and/or measurements, and fit if necessary - we don't unpick a single stitch when we copy your sample. Once the sample garment is copied we cut an individual paper pattern for you, and cut the cloth chosen. The cloth is then made up on the service you have selected. Depending on the time of year it takes us about 7/8 weeks to complete your new purchase, which is then sent to you with your sample garment.

Couldn't be simpler could it ?